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Flexo and Gravure ink metering solutions

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become partners in purpose and spirit with our customers, enabling them to more effectively improve quality, control production costs and increase profits.  At the same time we will continue to satisfy our own need to be creative, fresh, and innovative through ongoing research and development that ensures delivery of high quality products at fair prices. 

Together with our customers, as we succeed in meeting this goal, we will contribute to the future growth of the flexographic and rotogravure print industries.

What Makes A Pressrooom Manager’s Day?

The answer:  Walking onto the production floor and finding your press investment making money for the company.  Your lead operator is monitoring the web as the press runs at top speed producing quality products for your customers.

In today’s age of lean manufacturing it is essential that your product selection process considers the overall cost contribution, not just the price of the product.  Consumable press components make a significant contribution to your pressroom productivity, print quality, and operating costs.
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