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Flexo and Gravure ink metering solutions

EdgePRO™ Premium Doctor Blades

The cornerstone of the EdgePRO™ line of doctor blades is an advanced position in materials technology.  Premium quality steel formulated, cold rolled and machined to meet the most stringent mechanical tolerances.  EdgePRO™ offers the converter a complete selection of wiping tip configurations and steel formulations.  The product range consists of steel, synthetic, treated and chemically coated products for extended life.  Whether you are printing film, paper, foil, corrugated board, pressure sensitive labels, or folding cartons there is a unique EdgePRO™ solution to satisfy your metering requirements.     

Enhanced doctor blade wear properties have become essential in the modern day flexo pressroom.  Abrasive inks, elevated press speeds as well as extended gamut printing systems are putting new demands on the flexographic process.  Sleeved press technology has made the days of taking six hours to change-over to the next job a thing of the past.  Similarly, the unwanted stopping of your press investment to change a worn doctor blade has a significant impact on scrap and productivity. 

EdgePRO™ EXTREME long-life and EdgePRO™ MAX long-life are tried and proven solutions when it comes to taking the guesswork out of running abrasive inks/coatings or looking to optimize on-press blade life.  Both EXTREME long-life and MAX long-life blades far outlast conventional steel doctor blade products, providing clean and consistent ink metering with a dramatic reduction in the number of blade changes required. 
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