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Flexo and Gravure ink metering solutions

CleanFlo™ Magnetic Ink Filtration

Regardless of how stringent your housekeeping standards may be, contaminants will find a way into your ink stream.  The origins of these unwanted particles can be vast:
  • corrosion from solvent supply lines
  • hardened ink particles that have bonded to the inner walls of the delivery/return hoses; often releasing unexpectedly.
  • chips of ceramic or chrome from the ends of your engraved cylinder
  • ferrous particles due to natural doctor blade wear
  • paper dust from the plant atmosphere
In both gravure and flexo printing, unwanted particles trapped beneath the doctor blade lead to print defects in the form of “streaks” or “drags”, scored anilox rolls / chrome cylinders, downtime and elevated scrap numbers.  Proper ink filtration can eliminate these issues from your pressroom.  However, the filtration system utilized must not only be effective at filtering, it is absolutely essential that the system is user friendly.  If not, achieving operator “buy in” can prove to be most difficult.

At Tri-X Incorporated we don’t just sell ink filters; we deliver a complete ink filtration program to your pressroom.  A program that is easy to implement and simple to maintain.  The system delivers the necessary documentation to clearly demonstrate your company’s commitment to compliance when it comes to protecting the global food supply chain.  AIB International and other industry associations are more than aware of the importance of an efficient ink filtration program in flexo and gravure pressrooms.  CleanFlo™ magnetic ink filters operate in-line; ensuring 100% of the ink delivered to each print deck is continually filtered.  Unwanted contaminants and metallic carbides that result from natural doctor blade wear are trapped and removed from your ink stream.

Scoring of anilox rolls has become a hot topic in today’s modern flexo pressrooms.  There has been much debate as to the causes and remedies when it comes to the associated repair costs, elevated scrap numbers and press down-time that anilox roll scoring leaves in its path.  Contaminants in your ink stream are the primary cause of anilox roll scoring and also contribute to multiple print defects.  In many pressrooms “less-than-best” practices prevail when it comes to a proper ink filtration program.  Conventional ink filters tend to be difficult to service and often hamper ink flow rates and auto-wash cycles.  These systems meet with significant operator resistance and in many cases are simply not utilized.  Conventional ink filters are simply not compatible with today's quick-change, lean production environment.  CleanFlo™ filters are engineered to be serviced within a matter of seconds and are quickly accepted by operators as a unique tool that reduces print defects while improving press throughput.
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