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Flexo and Gravure ink metering solutions

Automatic Viscosity Systems

How often has your morning production meeting turned into a finger-pointing session with poor color control from the pressroom as the main topic?  In the middle of the table sits the printed package that has been rejected by an important customer.  They are now a disgruntled customer looking for answers, demanding a credit on the shipment and looking to receive replacement material as soon as possible.  In the worst case scenario they are looking for a new supplier to meet their packaging requirements!  Your QC team has all the documentation and it appears to meet the customer’s requirements.  There is no question the approved image does not match the press proof.  Conventional viscosity systems with moving parts as well as manual systems utilized to control ink viscosity (color consistency) have proven to be the demise of many a converter who claimed to have adequate process-control in place.  Whether running water or solvent based ink systems, checking ink manually with a stop watch and measuring cup or automatically with an unreliable mechanical system simply does not meet the demands of today’s packaging buyer in terms of color consistency within a job and from one run to the next.  The consistency and reliability of the monitoring/control system you have in place has a profound impact on how effectively your company can compete in the marketplace.  Based on advanced “tuning fork” technology, GAMA has become the go to system for converters looking to eliminate ink viscosity as a variable in the respective print process.
  • No moving parts, no maintenance
  • Precise color control
  • User friendly software
  • Saves considerable time color matching
  • Dynamic ink measurement
Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements for an advanced automatic viscosity control system.  

At Tri-X Incorporated our knowledge of automatic control of ink viscosity is based on over twenty five years of experience with various automatic and manual control systems.  It has often been said that the engraved cylinder (anilox roll in flexo and chrome cylinder in gravure) is the heart of the printing process.  That being the case, your printing ink must be considered the “blood of the printing process”.  A critical component that must be kept in perfect balance to ensure your company can meet / exceed customers color requirements while maintaining stable ink costs.  The intelligent in-line sensor from GAMA S.r.l. is the solution you have been looking for. 

Multi-Channel Systems

The advanced GAMA G-26 viscosity sensor utilizes reliable “tuning fork” technology to precisely monitor ink viscosity.  A specialized detection circuit then analyzes the changes in these waves caused by the tiniest of variations in ink viscosity which is displayed on the main control console - measuring cup reading of your choice.  For water-based ink systems GAMA delivers complete pH monitoring and compensation to ensure both pH and viscosity are monitored and treated with an independent, automatic system.  The user-friendly software ensures easy interaction with your operator and allows job archiving and analysis to ensure consistency from one run to the next; the system can monitor up to twelve stations simultaneously.  For those converters that experience extreme swings in ambient plant  temperature an in-line temperature control sensor can be incorporated into the system, operating in unison with viscosity control and pH control systems.  A complete printing ink control system operating on one platform.

The Ideal Viscosity System for Flexo, Gravure and Coating Applications!
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